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About Family Tradition

Once upon a time there was a young mother who was painting gingerbreads for her small daughters...
This was the real beginning in early seventies of the past century.
The young mother in question - DAGMAR HENDLOVÁ - had been studying
the promotional graphic arts and gingerbread making was only her hobby.

Thirty years later, the gingerbreads were baked in a bakery. There were six decorators, but our mother, decorating gingerbreads by her sketches. And we both, her daughters, were helping her, even though we had our jobs, too. We were attached by the magical power of gingerbread and in several years we were caught. And the tradition was born...

Today our mother is in pension. And we? We stayed because this family craft is our fate. We both have our original "handwriting", use our own ideas, but our common roots (thanks, Mum) are - and we want it to be - obvious in our products. I mean the same recipe, the same technique of painting and the same combination of colours - the white and soft pink.

My personal relation with this craft wasn´t formed only by our family tradition. I was influenced by my long-time, deep relation with folklore, mainly from the Beskydy region. And for that reason my primary model of inspiration came from folk motives from Wallachia, Lachia and Teschiensis. And when we moved into the folkloric very living region a few years ago, to the edge of Czech-Polish-Slovak borderland, I found out that local "Gorolski" motives perfectly match with my products...

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